The purpose of these programs is to provide the owners and key staff with the exact objective measurements they need to maximize their profits and capture and correct any and all loss that may be occurring within the company and to do so swiftly and efficiently.


Provides the owner and key staff with the longer term view of their business as to key trends, bottom lines, potentials and possible profits. Easy data input. Automatic graph generation, scaling and printing. Calculates your bottom line, potential production and profit availability levels. Provides the owner fast data to determine exactly what area of the company needs fixing or back up based on objective statistics.


Purpose: To provide the owner and key staff the ability to create their own budget and provides a scale of possible profits with existing staff, but more importantly what levels of production and profits will occur based on a new hire. This system is perfect for helping you in the hiring decision as well as for any new business you may wish to open as you can establish the budget and see what type of production levels will equate to what types of profits.


Tracks ten key metrics for each of your producing sales staff or billable hour staff as well as establishes their individual bottom lines and potential production. Creates the key statistics required to run your business on a weekly basis taking any mystery out of what area or staff member needs to be corrected or backed-up.

Security user levels are provided for any "owner only" information.

Training videos provided for each program.

If you have multiple locations each additional OMS system can be obtained for only $99 per
month, per location. If you wish to take advantage of this offer, please call 800-834-0357.